Howard University has been named the top private institution to graduate Pell Grant students on the new @USNews social mobility list. #BestColleges

According to Howard Newsroom Howard University has been recognized as the top private institution for “how well schools graduated students who received federal Pell Grants (those typically coming from households whose family incomes are less than $50,000 annually).” Howard ranked overall No. 4 on the U.S. News & World Report social mobility ranking list, behind three public institutions. The University was again ranked No. 2 among top historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

“I continue to believe, as I’ve previously mentioned, that rankings provide a limited snapshot of an institution’s measure of success,” said President Wayne A. I. Frederick. “I commend U.S. News and World Report for incorporating the social mobility factor into its formula, which is a critically important consideration.  The social mobility factor is a validation that student success is often directly impacted by socio-economic factors. At Howard, it is our mission to help these students matriculate successfully. Our student achievement continues to speak for itself and the caliber of our faculty and staff make it all possible.” 

Howard University has been deemed colloquially a “prestigious institution” among HBCUs. Social mobility deals with the movement of individuals or groups up or down from one socio-economic level to another, often by changing jobs or marriage. Howard University contributing to the legacy for those traditionally categorized as minorities is simply, in many ways, making the impossible possible.

For more information you can view the full story via Howard Newsroom, powered by The Office of University Communications represents Howard University at its best. Their team of writers, designers, photographers and communications specialists presents Howard University to the world.

SOURCE: Howard Newsroom

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