WASHINGTON – On October 28, 2019, the Howard University Speech and Debate Team, participated in the Connecticut NAACP tenth annual “Great Debate” along with Harvard University during the Connecticut NAACP 54th Annual State Convention at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Nearly 10,000 people were in attendance of this public exhibition, including seventh through 12th grade students.

The performance team consisted of four students, senior Virgil Parker, juniors Michael Franklin and David Edgerton, III, and freshman Nadrat Amos.

According to HU News Service; “The Howard versus Harvard debate was an extraordinary experience that I hope inspired its listeners to pay more attention to issues affecting civil society,” said Parker.

Howard University & Harvard University debate team last year.

The entire team is led by Angela Minor Esq., an associate professor in the Cathy Hughes School of Communications and director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Forensics Program.

“When Howard University debates Harvard University it always renders amazing talent from both teams!” said Minor, who is also the coach of the Mock Trial and Speech and Debate Teams.

The false reporting of Howard University beating Harvard University twice was a miscommunication.

“This event is not a collegiate competition,” stated President of the CT NAACP Scot X. Esdaile. “There were no judges or officials that determined a winning team for this debate. This was a mutually beneficial learning opportunity to support the nearly 10,000 students, teachers and administrators that were in attendance enjoying the intellectual exhibition.”

Agreeing with President Esdaile’s comments, Minor stated, “It is my distinct honor and privilege to coach the Howard University Speech and Debate Team. These types of events allow Harvard and Howard to showcase their intellectual prowess and argumentation on matters concerning all Americans, regardless of race, creed or color!”

At debate exhibitions, students debate on subjects without a declared winner. This year the following resolutions were delivered:

Resolution #1: 

Resolved: This house believes that the House of Representatives should pursue the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

Resolution #2: 

Resolved: This house believes Roc Nation, the business affiliated with Jay-Z should not have entered into a contract with the NFL.


Howard’s illustrious nerds got the better of Harvard’s slightly-less illustrious nerds while debating politics and sports. Where has debate gone? What is the future of debate and its relevance to black culture? Has it been hijacked by the topics of mainstream media?

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