According to the opening statement of a former ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch Rudy Giuliani and others ran a negative and hateful campaign against her and undermined the diplomacy of America and got her fired and that’s why we’re doing this today i.e. in reference to the public testimony. In my opinion, this woman is pathetic. At the same time saying the president has the right to get rid of her for any reason…“at the pleasure of the president” she says. Then she goes on to talk about the importance of an ambassador (and it is) and she begins to lecture us on “fairness and dignity”.

I remind you that we are being lectured on “fairness and dignity” by a woman who illegally monitored U.S. citizens, including Sebastian Gorka DrG.

According to the Judicial Review and Sara Carter, a conservative government watchdog group is investigating whether former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch – who recently testified before the House Intelligence Committee and currently testifying during the, now public, Urkarine impeachment hearings, ordered the monitoring of journalists and people with ties to President Donald Trump.

A source with knowledge confirmed to that Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee, had allegedly requested the monitoring of reporters. A source, with knowledge of the information, said: “Sara Carter, as well as The Hill’s former columnist John Solomon, among others, were being monitored.”

If this is not a shady entitlement and abuse of position and power, I don’t know what is.

Yovanovitch admits she has no first-hand knowledge of Trump/Zelensky’s phone call & no first-hand knowledge about the Trump administration withholding aid (hear it for yourself below). So why is she here—wasting our time and tax dollars?

Yovanovitch was a career diplomat. She also served at embassies in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. She was appointed an ambassador to Ukraine by Obama in 2016 and was recalled by the State Department in May of 2019.

As well, listen to Carter’s “Kristy Swanson: “Stop being a stalker” by CLICKING HERE. What are your thoughts?


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