The Urban Conservative Revolution: The call for minorities to leave democratic party Pt.1

There is an awakening that many are trying to ignore but they can’t. Conservatism is experiencing a reshaping, a renaissance, a fresh resonance and in many ways a much needed revitalization. The championing cry is becoming; lets make conservatism great again!

Photo by: Gerald Herbert
In this Aug. 25, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a roundtable meeting with the Republican Leadership Initiative in his offices at Trump Tower in New York. Dr. Ben Carson is seated next to Trump at center. In the decades since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 widely enfranchised African-Americans, they have become a reliable Democratic bloc. President Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, won at least 95 percent and 93 percent of the black vote in his two victories, sending Republicans to historical lows among African-Americans, according to exit polls. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, File)

Former NFL player Jack Brewer once raised campaign money for President Barack Obama, but now he’s among the increasing number of Black voters who support President Trump.

“There is an awakening going on right now in the country,” Brewer said of Black voters who traditionally support Democrats. “I’m going to take the guy who’s actually putting in the policies that are going to make life better for my young Black son and my young Black daughter, versus somebody who gives me lip service — like, unfortunately, the Democrats have done for our community for years.”

President Trump and his reelection team are aggressively courting Black voters amid a strong economy that has reduced B lack unemployment to 5.5%, the lowest it has been in history. The Trump campaign launched its “Black Voices for Trump” coalition in Atlanta last year in November.

The tide is seemingly changing and many Black Americans who have voted overwhelming for Democrats are seemingly more willing to give the Grand Old Party a try.

As Brewer mentioned its the policies (and not necessarily the personality) that is becoming attractive to voters. Three polls in November of 2019 showed President Trump’s job-approval rating among Black voters in the 30% to 35% range, a significant increase over other surveys that have generally shown Black voter support of less than 10%.

This is only, in my view, a precursor to what we will see in the future. There is, what I call, an “urban conservative revolution” happening in America that is forcing many to have a crisis of conscience and views. Black Americans everyday are less and less voting blindly and beginning to vote, as I always suggest everyone does, their values.

You can hear more about this “urban conservative revolution” on my podcast ‘CHANGING THE NARRATIVE with Jay Shakur’. It’s happening and the elites and pandering liberals should probably pay attention.

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