Sanders delegates signing petition to vote against Dem platform that doesn’t include ‘Medicare-for-all’

Just three weeks before the Democratic National Convention, according to Fox News, hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates have pledged to vote against their party’s platform if it does not include support for “Medicare-for-all.”

The delegates assert that a Sanders-style single-payer health care system is an urgent priority in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression.

Let’s note that such an argument wouldn’t have been possible just 6 months ago. As Democrats milk this crisis delegates from Nevada organized a petition and more than 360 of them – most of whom backed Sanders for president – have signed on, the petition’s organizers told Politico.

The petition claims that a “majority of Americans” now believe “Medicare-for-all” is the best way to achieve affordable and accessible health care.

The Sanders delegates are sure to clash with their party’s presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, who opposes a single-payer system. “Medicare-for-all” was not included in a draft 80-page Democratic Party platform released on July 21. 

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