losing to win

A brand new podcast from the founder of the Urban Liberator, Jay Shakur, launches today. It is a podcast that consists of “news, opinion, and soundbites from the current happenings in politics, culture, and media from an urban conservative point of view.”

In the first episode which debuts tonight (9PM CST.) Shakur talks about standing for truth, being yourself in an age when it’s easier (and often times) preferred that you blend in and be like everyone else.

This new podcast (the first under the name and branding of the Urban Liberator) will debut 4-6 episode per month.

In partnership with anchor and other brands/platforms (to be announced soon), TRUTH BE TOLD with Jay Shakur will examine the individuality, boldness, and bravery needed to be a freethinker in a modern society dominated by tyrannical, selfish, and often times intolerant “thought police”.

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