BLACK CHRISTIANS: Democrats Have Manipulated Us Into Voting Against God Every election cycle

There is an often unspoken and undeniable intersectionality of religion and politics—to think otherwise one is either ill-informed or ignoring their conscience.

I, personally, share the views of Bishop E.W. Jackson when he said; “I had a crisis of conscience. Can I be in a party that holds these views that are antithetical to my worldview? In my personal opinion, it is difficult if you are a Bible-believing Christian to reconcile that to some of the positions that the Democrat Party has taken”. How I wish Black America would experience this same crisis of conscience.

In an October 2012 op-ed essay in The Washington Times, Jackson wrote: “Democrats now have fully embraced an abortion policy that amounts to infanticide. They have also made the lesbian-homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda their vision for America. How have they managed to hold on to black Christians in spite of an agenda worthy of the Antichrist? They have shown a ruthless willingness to frighten black voters with outright lies about the plans of conservatives and Republicans. Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s ‘they gonna put y’all back in chains’ was not a gaffe. It is part of the Democrats’ strategy of using fear to keep blacks as a captive audience [1]”.

Jackson believes, as do I, that Democratic Party elites are driving an agenda to rid the party and the country of God. He says, “I think I am closer to the viewpoint of the average Democrat in Virginia, the average black Christian in Virginia, than the Democrat Party, because they have been moving into a secular direction in order to accommodate these views that are simply inconsistent with traditional church teachings”.

At the time of this writing I wrote a thread on Twitter saying the following;

“The Black church has been under the power of mammon, greed & pride for years. Many of our so called “leaders” will fight for their skin color, or their liberal “social causes” instead of preaching the Gospel. The Gospel is not tolerant. All true Christians are conservative.  Let’s be clear: “Black power” is not the Gospel.  Civil Rights is not the Gospel.  The Gospel is Jesus Christ & Him Crucified. We are to preach WHO HE IS & WHAT HE DID. All else is a byproduct.” I went on to declare, “here’s a truth; the Black church finds contention with white Evangelicals because we  have traded a Heavenly Gospel for a social one. We have traded God’s standard of righteousness for our selective preference. We have chosen biased political clout over Godly conviction.”

In the Black church for many of the causes we fight, march and protest for Jesus is not the center but simply an additive seasoning we use to flavor our polluted doctrines, our cultural Christianity & Black liberal HERESY. In a broader, Western, context we’ve made Jesus Black or White (when He‘s neither) to make Him fit within our limited, petty & hypocritical worldviews. Consequently, both, by & large, are growing more anti-Semitic by the day.

Where’s justice? Equality? Peace? Unity? Love? It’s found in the fruit of the Gospel. As THE CHURCH, we’re tasked to preach the counsel of God without compromise not the political talking points of a party.

When we truly asses, Christ & His Kingdom we’ll find that He will not agree with this world system, instead He will CONQUER it. Let’s get back to preaching the Gospel—not the heresy of Black liberation theology & the prideful diatribe of “black power”.

I’m grieved at Black “Christian” leaders who oppose conservatism because it’s not what the culture has “okayed”. Last time I checked we take our cues from the Bible NOT the culture.

I closed out that Twitter thread saying; “#2020 the beginning of the death of mammon, greed & pride in the Black church! #LetMyPeopleGo”

We must vote our values and convictions not blindly for a political party that has routinely abused those they claim to advocate for.

[1] Jackson, E. W. (October 1, 2012). “JACKSON: Blacks are abandoning the Democratic Party”. The Washington Times.

Here is an interesting report from CBN News

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