TRUMP NOT GUILTY: The Senate has voted 57-43 to acquit President Trump

TRUMP NOT GUILTY: The Senate has voted 57-43 to acquit Trump on the impeachment charge. Seven Republicans joined all Democrats in voting for impeachment, but 17 GOP members would have needed to do so to have the two-thirds majority required to convict the former president. This makes Trump the first and only president to impeached and acquitted twice in history.

This vote comes after an initial vote to extend the trial by calling witnesses however that was nixed after an agreement by the Senate, House impeachment managers, and former President Donald Trump’s counsels to enter a statement by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) into the record of Trump’s impeachment trial as evidence.

The seven GOP senators who joined with all Democrats in finding Trump guilty were: Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

The acquittal means that as of now Trump can leave the door open to another White House bid in 2024, though senators have hinted they may still try to bar him from office in a separate 14th Amendment measure. 

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