U.S. consumer prices soar again and push inflation rate to 13-year high

The cost of living surged again in May the highest in 13 years. Americans are paying more for virtually everything: groceries, gas, appliances, sporting goods, used vehicles, auto insurance, vacation rentals and so on.

Elizabeth Warren Says ‘Wild West’ of Cryptos Needs Regulation

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday called on U.S. policymakers to directly deal with the issues she argues is presented by the growing use of cryptocurrency, while supporting a Federal Reserve-backed digital currency. Warren called it a "terrible currency" that's really only useful to "criminals" and speculative investors she said in a Senate subcommittee hearing on the possibility of a central bank digital currency. 

TRUMP at CPAC: “Biden has failed at his number duty as Chief Executive; enforcing America’s laws.”

President Donald Trump delivered his first major speech after leaving office, charting a path forward for the Republican Party and conservatives but suggested that he might run in 2024. The President went on to critique the first month of the Biden administration by saying; “Biden has failed at his number duty as Chief Executive; enforcing America’s laws.”