Jackson State University president resigns after arrest in prostitution sting in Mississippi

The president of Jackson State University in Mississippi resigned Monday shortly after his arrest in a prostitution sting that nabbed 17 individuals.

Howard Removed From HCM1 Status, Returned To Advanced Payment Method

Howard University was returned to the advanced method of payment effective immediately on Dec. 17, 2019. Under this new method of payment, the university can now withdraw Title IV funds without approval from the Philadelphia School Participation Division.

THE PAINS OF PARTISANSHIP: Are Historically Black Colleges And Universities On ‘Brink Of Disaster?’ A CASUALTY OF PARTY ANTICS

Federal aid for America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities has now expired and Congress can’t agree whether to pass a short or long term plan to restore the funding. A group of bipartisan senators, educators and students demand a vote now.

These federal dollars pay for campus infrastructure improvements, faculty and curriculum development, and student services. Without them, staff members are looking at layoffs and students are considering transferring.

Are Historically Black Colleges And Universities On ‘Brink Of Disaster?’ (A RESPONSE)

These things (HBCU funding, aiding seemingly ailing institutions) aren't important seemingly instead impeachment is to congress. We are currently in an impeachment debacle and the issues that matter such as HBCU funding are not at the forefront of a divided congress. We must demand more from congress or as we'll see layoffs, transfers and, sadly, even dropouts.


Here are the questions we must ask and answer amid this debate (not the win for such is historic and beyond congratulatory and great). Where has debate gone? What is the future of debate and its relevance to black culture? Has it been hijacked by the topics of mainstream media?

The media has functioned as a propaganda tool for a single political party ideology, not only destroying their own purpose but as well as threatening the existence of a free republic—not only physically, civically but mentally.


Howard University has been named the top private institution to graduate Pell Grant students on the new @USNews social mobility list. #BestColleges Social mobility deals with the movement of individuals or groups up or down from one socio-economic level to another, often by changing jobs or marriage. Howard University contributing to the legacy for those traditionally categorized as minorities is simply, in many ways, making the impossible possible.

Black Education on the Whiteboard

Kujichagulia! This is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa that represents self-determination. More specifically, this principle encourages African-Americans to define and name ourselves, as well as to create and speak for ourselves. Education is a powerful tool that can help us achieve this goal, and to preserve it for future generations. Unfortunately, the k-12 … Continue reading Black Education on the Whiteboard

The Expense of Cultural Education: Black America Enslaved by Master Sallie Mae

The ability or opportunity to receive or rather purchase the tool of education is a deficit in many communities. For years it has been indirectly protected that the opportunity to go to college is a gift, almost a privilege. However, it is now becoming a necessity. This, education, is something we cannot afford to not have and something many can't afford to have. Could we be indirectly saying; "you can put me in chains again, just let me sign this MPN first"?