Crisis deepens for Cuomo; AG wants to lead harassment probe

The crisis enveloping Gov. Andrew Cuomo deepened Sunday as the state’s attorney general demanded he grant her the authority to investigate claims he sexually harassed at least two women who worked for him.

DICTATOR IN CHIEF: Biden’s Executive Order Overreach

Biden is off to a very rapid start with his 27 plus executive orders (more than any other modern president within their first week). As a senator for nearly forty years, hopefully, he will eventually restrain himself from ruling by executive order and instead actually seek to lead by influencing the legislative process the House of Representatives and the Senate).

URBAN CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION: The Impact of Conservative Thought in Inner Cities

In the age of Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” terms such as racist, bigot, and hater have been used constantly. There has seemingly been a resurgence of “civil rights” and a fight against a “racist establishment”. These claims while presently aimed towards a political party’s leader (Republican, Donald J. Trump) have been traditionally … Continue reading URBAN CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION: The Impact of Conservative Thought in Inner Cities


While votes in certain areas are still being counted and the Trump campaign contesting the election in the courts exit polling shows that, for the first time in modern history about 26 percent of Black men who had a high school diploma or less supported and 22 percent of Black men with bachelor’s degrees and 20 percent of Black men with advanced degrees supported Trump.

Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad per New York Post (article censored by big tech)

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The New York Post.