OP-ED: U.S. RANKS LAST AMONG 46 COUNTRIES IN TRUST IN MEDIA; will mainstream media course correct

Just 29% of people surveyed in the U.S. said they trust the news, compared to 45% in Canada and 54% in Brazil, according to a Reuters Institute report. Will those who claim to be objective stop lying?

George Floyd Body Cam Footage Is Out. The Story Is Far More Complicated Than Media Led Us To Believe.

THE LEFTEST "CULT OF WOKENESS" WORSHIPPED AT THE ALTAR OF "SOCIAL JUSTICE" AMID THE DEATH OF GEORGE FLOYD. HOWEVER HE IS NO MARTYR. Two months after footage of George Floyd’s death went viral, sparking an epidemic of rioting and violence that killed dozens of people and caused untold damage to countless communities across the country, body cam footage of the incident has finally been made available.


In partnership with anchor and other brands/platforms (to be announced soon), TRUTH BE TOLD with Jay Shakur will examine the individuality, boldness, and bravery needed to be a freethinker in a modern society dominated by tyrannical, selfish, and often times intolerant "thought police".