2 officers shot after Grand jury announces decision on Breonna Taylor, suspect in custody; 46 arrests so far

Two Louisville police officers were shot during demonstrations on Wednesday night, the police chief said, after a grand jury decided to not charge any officer in the killing of Breonna Taylor, instead indicting one former detective for recklessly firing into another apartment during the raid of Ms. Taylor’s home.

Aftermath of looting in downtown Chicago: 13 cops injured, 2 people shot, more than 100 arrests, City’s downtown trashed

Hundreds of people swept through a downtown area of Chicago known as Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, attacking police officer and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

BLM ‘Protesters’ Shoot at Home of Black Police Officer’s Girlfriend After Assaulting Them Both

A mob of Black Lives Matter “protesters” gathered at the home of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police officer Joseph Mensah’s girlfriend and shot at the back door after violently assaulting them.

George Floyd Body Cam Footage Is Out. The Story Is Far More Complicated Than Media Led Us To Believe.

THE LEFTEST "CULT OF WOKENESS" WORSHIPPED AT THE ALTAR OF "SOCIAL JUSTICE" AMID THE DEATH OF GEORGE FLOYD. HOWEVER HE IS NO MARTYR. Two months after footage of George Floyd’s death went viral, sparking an epidemic of rioting and violence that killed dozens of people and caused untold damage to countless communities across the country, body cam footage of the incident has finally been made available.

Seattle police release bodycam footage of violent protests as city sees another lawless weekend of violence

Dozens of Seattle police officers were injured during another lawless weekend in the city as demonstrations devolved into destruction and attacks on law enforcement. Police bodycam footage shared Sunday shows a supercut of protesters throwing rocks, bottles, wood and explosives at officers during Saturday’s protests in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF-I2OyGD_A&feature=emb_logo It was reported by Fox News that rioters also set fire to … Continue reading Seattle police release bodycam footage of violent protests as city sees another lawless weekend of violence